We are so excited to be phasing in the Framesi line.  Still keeping with some of our favorite Joico Colors but breaking it off sweetly with KMS.. We just can't stay away from Framesi.. Originating in Milan in 1958, Framesi is a family owned company with a plethora of amazing product and color.  The Framesi COLORLOVER shampoo and conditioner that we feature at Bliss is vegan, color safe, DEA Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, and has Quinoa protein that moisturizes, strengthens AND preserves color (not to mention it smells PHENOMENAL! Not too perfumy, very fresh).  Each shampoo and conditioner is designed for your needs (Smooth and Shine, Curl Definition, Volumizing, Moisturizing).  Our BeYourself Framesi styling products are just as exciting from the fantastic WIO Straighening gel to the Opulence styling wax with shiny beads of protein, and similar piecing waxes with VOLCANIC ASH.  And the true tones of the Framesi color we've been using are out of this world with coconut oils that will actually leave your hair feeling better after your color service.  We believe Framesi is the best for your hair and is an amazing line of product all around.  Come in and we'll try it out on you, you won't believe how much you'll love it!


Also new at Bliss is the WET BRUSH.  This truly is a girl's best friend.  THE WET BRUSH HAS unique IntelliFlex bristles and runs effortlessly through hair without pulling or tugging. no pain, no tears–whether the hair is curly or straight; thick or fine: it gets through tangles with no problem! 


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